Firm Profile

When clients walk into Spencer Fox & Associates, we start with a simple question: What's most important to you?

We don't believe every divorce is the same. We believe in listening and addressing each individual client's concerns not only for today, but also for 10 years down the road.

Whether a client is dealing with divorce, paternity law, alimony, child support, relocation or prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, we craft a unique strategy for each client. Nothing is cookie-cutter. Personal attention is given to every client and we are constantly aware of what our clients are going through.

"National and International Experience"

We often help both local and foreign clients with important international family matters.

Whether it be a prenuptial agreement that may be binding in another country, but not in Florida, relocation within the parameters of child custody, an intricate case involving a family business or significant assets or any other matter, our firm is prepared to advocate for our clients' best interests.

"Driven by Compassion and Understanding"

We know divorce is capable of pulling a person's life apart—but it doesn't have to. In some cases, the best course of action is collaborative law, a "private" legal process that spares clients from the stresses of the courtroom and facilitates the preservation of wealth.

If divorcing parents are concerned about their children's welfare, they can choose a collaborative divorce process that allows them to keep their children's best interests as the primary priority. The collaborative process is also beneficial for clients whose privacy is essential.

Good Listeners, Great Strategists, Excellent Litigators